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Angelique Riding
Aurora Trading Card
Aurora's BD 2002
Beach Pictures
Uncle Brent and Aunt Debbie
Charlie's Angels 2020
Aunt Colette and Adam
Caryn and Craig
Cathy and George
Christmas Vacation 2001
Here's Robert!
Hi Everybody
John Michael
July 2002
Mom's Brothers
Aunt Mo and Uncle Mark
My New Room
Old Pictures
Recent Pix
Sierra and I
Swim Fun!
Aunt Sheila and Tamara
Shelly's Family
My Parents
Other Buddies
Mom's Parents
More Angelique
Dad's Parents
Pat and Elizabeth's Kids
Shelly's Kids
Uncle Pat and Aunt Elizabeth
Uncle Mike
Video Page
Who's the Baby?

This is the section where you can find pictures of me and all my relatives.  Click on a link to see what I mean.

It seems like there should be a lot more pictures than what you see here.  Daddy says that there are, but that they won't all fit here.  I was pretty upset about that so he said if anyone really wanted to see all the pictures from 1999 he would put them on a CD and give it to them.  All they have to do is E-mail him and ask for it.  (If you don't know his E-Mail address, just click on  Daddy and see what happens!)